How to 'Growl' on the sax

The Dominant 7th Scale

Bends and Scoops on the sax


'Slick & Saucy'

The 'Blues' scale

What it takes to become a multifaceted musician

'Bollywood Sax'

I am RAW sax! - Original video

The Minor Pentatonic Scale

SAX.CO.UK testing of the Signature Custom sax

'Baby, What You Need'

The Major Pentatonic Scale

'Chillin @ Starbucks

I am the RAW Sax!

The Major Scale

'Still Strong'

Some more sax tricks on the 'Rock and Roll' sound!

African Heart


Improvisation on the sax


Scales and Patterns

How to play high notes on the sax

How to play low notes on the sax

Tutor books

How to do a trill or a shake on the saxophone

Ear training for the sax player

Intonation for the sax player

Mouthpieces and setting up the reed - advanced players

Tonguing - a quick overview

Beginner sax - most frequently asked questions

How to practice the saxophone

Saxophone finger positioning

How to go over the 'Break' on the sax

Beginner sax - Posture

How to breath correctly when playing the sax

How to make your first sound on the sax

New players - How to play high notes

How to assemble your sax